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Usually the owner of the ATM gets the total surcharge because they also own the location of the ATM.  If the ATM is owned by us then we share it with the location.  The share is dependent on the number of transactions and the surcharge.

Yes. If we pay for the machine and you put your cash into it. We send your part to you along with the monthly transaction statement.

The surcharge is $2.95 and up depending on the location.

If it is your money in the machine then everything prior to the cutoff time (usually 2PM in your central time zone) will be in your bank the next morning.

This is extremely rare, but if it does happen, the customer should call us and their bank. Our toll free phone number is on the bottom of their receipt. NEVER give the customer money because you may never get it back!

We will usually know this before you do and will have begun to fix the problem. Our ATM's will send a text message to our cell phones and tell us the error message or if the machine is low on cash or empty. We have factory trained technicians in house to serve you. You can still give us a phone call on our toll free number. If there is a problem with your phone line or internet we will not know.  This is why we normally put a cellular router in our ATM's.

If you own the machine you don't pay any transaction fees, network fees, bank fees or processing fees. We pay all of this for you out of our interchange earned.

There are no additional statement fees, service charges, or transaction fees. If you purchase the ATM you will need to pay a one time charge for the ATM that includes the programming, delivery, installation and training you to operate the ATM. If it is our machine you pay for electricity but it only uses about as much as your credit card machine. We do not use phone lines.

Yes, get references no matter who you are planning to do business with.


ATM Houston is offerring a free reprogram to all merchants and independent IAD's to move your ATM's over to ATM Houston ISO.  For IAD's with a significant portfolio, we will give you 100% of the interchange with a great buy rate for ATM processing.  ATM Houston has been in the ATM business for over 16 years.  This business was started with just one ATM so we know how to build and grow a portfolio and can help you do the same.  The philosophy of ATM Houston is simple:  Provide the best service at at a fair price!  We support all Genmega, Hyosung, Hantle ATM's.  We do not support Puloon ATM's.  Triton parts are too expensive and we still can't figure out how Puloon is still selling ATM's in 2023 in the USA.

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