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ATM Houston provides all ATM services from parts to sales and service on most ATM's


At ATM Houston we provide ATM service on all major brands of ATM's including Genmega, Hyosung and Hantle.   On most ATM service calls we can provide advance replacement of parts with our service so your ATM is not down while waiting for parts.  For full repair service for cash dispensers, cassettes, printers, keypads and more go to ATM's America.  They have regular and advance repairs to get your ATM back and running.  We stock the common wear items and can get just about any part needed within a day or two.  Every day your ATM is down you are not only losing revenue from no cash withdrawals but less is spent at your location.  While we cannot stock every part for every ATM, we do keep parts in stock that are the more common items.  With our partnerships with suppliers we are able to get almost any part the same day or next.  We also carry most common supplies such as receipt paper for all ATM's.  Sales and service after the sale is what we built our business on and has proved to be one of the best in the industry. Just think, if you were processing with ATM Houston as your ISO, you can have your ATM back up and making money again in just a few hours without paying for a service call or receipt paper.  If you add this to what we already offer in the way of different revenue streams such as DCC and Bitcoin, ATM Houston is the only way to go.  We do not sell or work on Puloon ATM's. 


ATM Houston is offerring a free reprogram to all merchants and independent IAD's to move your ATM's over to ATM Houston ISO.  For IAD's with a significant portfolio, we will give you 100% of the interchange with a great buy rate for ATM processing.  ATM Houston has been in the ATM business for over 16 years.  This business was started with just one ATM so we know how to build and grow a portfolio and can help you do the same.  The philosophy of ATM Houston is simple:  Provide the best service at at a fair price!  We support all Genmega, Hyosung, Hantle ATM's.  We do not support Puloon ATM's.  Triton parts are too expensive and we still can't figure out how Puloon is still selling ATM's in 2023 in the USA.

Don't forget to look at for all of your parts, supplies and accessories needs.