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Your full service ATM Company is Houston, Texas owned and based to provide free ATM placement, ATM sales, ATM service, ATM processing for virtually any retail business. ATM Houston is sponsored by PATHWARD Bank as an ISO.  What does this mean for our customers?  It means that ATM Houston has a direct gateway to more profits for our customers. Our customers can call on us to get help with anything ATM.  With direct relationships with the processor, DNS, Genmega and Hyosung we don't have to go through multiple companies to get what our customers want or need.

ATM Houston offers truly totally free ATM processing.  You keep 100% of the surcharge.  With free processing you get free service calls in the Houston area, free receipt paper, software updates and more.  To increase profits at your ATM, you can have dynamic currency conversion (DCC) enabled that lets you make money from the fee charged to foreign ATM cards converting their currency to dollars.  You can also offer bitcoin purchases at the ATM and make money form the fee charged to the card holder.  You do absolutely nothing but get bonus payments every month just for having these options turned on at the ATM.  Your ATM comes up on a map when people are looking where to purchase their bitcoin.  That will drive more customers to your business.

ATM Houston is your partner for placement in Hotels  retail, restaurants, nightclubs, convenience and grocery stores or other high traffic areas in the Houston metro area, ATM Houston provides the latest technology from Genmega and Hyosung ATM's along with the parts, supplies and service so you won't be stuck with an old and outdated ATM in your business or have to wait for parts or service if needed.  We stock most wear items for these ATM's so we and our customers are always confident that any problems will be addressed and corrected usually within 24 hours or less.  ATM Houston has a diverse portfolio but our largest part is the hospitality industry.  Our clients include Hilton, Marriott, HGI, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Embassy Suites, Element, Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Comfort Suites and many more.  We know and provide exactly what you need and want.

Whether you need Free full ATM service, want to purchase your own ATM or just need better proessing and support, we are here to help.  To purchase a new ATM please visit our eCommerce partner website at ATM's America to see our full line of ATM's, parts, supplies and accessories.  We are direct importers of some of the same parts that came with the ATM, supplies that every ATM needs and accessories that are needed by our customers.  We have set up these supply chains over many years for a reason. It's not that we can't get parts and supplies domestically because we can.  We import the very same parts from the same manufacturers that supply the ATM manufacturers with the original parts.  To offer them at lower prices anywhere in the US and to always have them in stock when we or any of our customers needs them at the best price is why we went all out to set up these supply chains. 

 National ATM CouncilATM Houston is a member of Hotel and Lodging Association of Greater Houston View ATM's America profile on Ariba Discovery

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