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Currently we sell and service Hyosung, GenMega and Hantle ATM's.  This is not because we can't sell and service other machines.  Our best sellers are the Hyosung and Genmega line of machines.  We have found that these ATM's are the most reliable, aesthetically pleasing and lower purchase price than comparable ATM's.  We want to supply the best available product and service to our customers just as we had been for the last 18 years.   We can also offer the best price on these machines due to our volume purchasing power.  There are so many standard and optional features to choose from. All new ATM's from Genmega, Hantle and Hyosung come with a two year parts warranty versus the other two we do not sell because of lower warranty period and/or higher parts cost.  When the top two manufacturers have more choices, more features, lower cost parts, extreemely great reliability and asthetics we choose to stay with the best.

Hyosung Halo IIGenmega Onyx frontGenmega G2500 left

Hyosung MX2800SE Force 1700W front