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Currently we sell and service Hyosung, GenMega and Hantle ATM's.  This is not because we can't sell and service other machines.  Our best sellers are the Hyosung and Genmega line of machines.  We have found that these ATM's are the most reliable, aesthetically pleasing and lower purchase price than comparable ATM's.  We do not want to be all things to all people.  We do, however, want to supply the best available product and service to our customers just as we had been for the last 18 years.   We can also offer the best price on these machines due to our volume purchasing power.  These are great for nightclubs or other low lighting locations since when it is time to enter your pin number it has a light iluminated keypad and all but eliminates an incorrect pin entry.  The lighted topper is optional.

Hyosung Halo IIGenmega Onyx front


Genmega G2500 left

Genmega GT3000 frontHyosung 2700CE